Kehribar Bead Necklace

Kehribar Bead Necklace


///// Share some NAZAR ///// 
50% of each NAZAR necklace sold goes to >>> My Brother's Keeper >>>

My Brother's Keepers, Inc, is a Mississippi-based non-profit that provides health services and counseling (including HIV treatment), carries out evaluations and research, and provides training, to enhance the health and well being of minority communities. One of many local organizations worthy of our support and lots and lots of nazar.

Imitation amber, or Kehribar, beads from a Turkish gentleman's prayer bead tespih. Say a prayer, wear for protection or luck, bask in the warm amber glow.

Ultra fine Sterling silver chains measure approximately 43cm / 17".

Handmade in Turkey.

Necklace shipped giftboxed.

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