Vintage Herki Hakkari Carpet / 3'6"x6' / 107x184cm

Vintage Herki Hakkari Carpet / 3'6"x6' / 107x184cm


Glorious carpet from Kurdistan’s nomadic Herki group. Rich, plush pile so soft underfoot; this rug was made from dyed and undyed wools from the weaver’s own flocks. As with all non-commercial carpets, individual choices and artistic anomalies make this carpet unique and special. Warm brown, spice orange, and dark blues are harmonious in this vertically oriented striped design with curling rosette motifs filling the surface but for a few narrow inner and outer borders. End borders add interest, and white undyed wool throughout glows against the dark tones. A beautiful rug.

In excellent condition. Rich, plush pile.

  • 3’6” x 6’ / 108x184cm

  • Approximately 70 years old

  • In excellent, ready-to-use condition.

  • Wool on wool

  • Kurdistan - Herki

  • Ships directly from Turkey.

Trade pricing available. Please email

Reference Rug #E616/4168

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