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NEW LISTING // Vintage Anatolian Watermelon Pink Hemp Kilim // 4'11"x13'8"


NEW LISTING // Vintage Turkey - Nomadic Taurus Mountains Kilim

This vintage handwoven hemp kilim from Turkey's Taurus Mountains is proof that less really is more. The Rothko-esque color plain is minimalism at its most absorbing and would be an amazing additional to most interior styles.

This traditionally woven kilim is all hemp, and is three panels woven separately and hand-stitched together. One panel's hot reddish pink is punctuated by yellow-range bands, giving the eye a detail to rest on. The color is rich and vivid and plays well with others. Lovely hand.

Can be used as upholstery.

Type: Kilim
Size: 4'11" x 13'8"
Material: Hemp
Approximate age: 60 years
Origin: Turkey - Taurus Mountains

Non-skid rug pad recommended. Specialty clean.

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