Turkish rugs

Vintage Taurus Mountains Nomadic Kilim/ 6'7" x 6'8"/ 202x204cm


Rug #E90

Nomadic flatweave from the weaver's flock's undyed wool, punctuated with storebought-dyed cicim details, giving the piece touches of texture and color. Great as a rug, fabulous as upholstery.

For to-the-trade pricing, please email info@clarelouisefrost.com. Reference Rug #E90.

Type: Kilim with cicim details in two joined panels
Size: 6'7" x 6'8"/ 202x204cm
Material: Goat hair and wool on wool
Approximate age: 60 years
Origin: Turkey's Taurus Mountains
Condition:  Variations in color consistent with age and lend incredible depth and charm to this piece. In two original panels, hand-stitched together.

Non-skid rug pad recommended. Specialty clean.

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