Turkish rugs

Overdyed Vintage Kayseri Bünyan Carpet/ 6'3"x9'2"/ 190 x 280cm


Rug #EBB

Kayseri-Bünyan carpets are prized for their very fine handknotting. This vintage piece was overdyed with a rich bourdeaux-red for a rich velvety tone. Very elegant, sumptuous.

For to-the-trade pricing, please email info@clarelouisefrost.com. Reference Rug #EBB.

Type: Overdyed Vintage Bunyan Carpet
Size: 6'3" x 9'2'/ 190 x 280cm
Material: Wool on cotton
Approximate age: 60 years
Origin: Central Anatolia - Kayseri Bünyan
Condition:  Overdyed vintage carpet. Bünyan carpets are highly prized carpets handknotted with very fine knots. This carpet is in great, ready-to-use condition. 

Non-skid rug pad recommended. Specialty clean.

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