Turkish rugs

Vintage Konya-Karapinar Cicim Flatweave / 5'9"x7'8"/ 175x233cm


White-ground cicim flatweave rug from Central Anatolia's Konya region with a traditional repeating geometric motif. Konya is famous for its rugs and weaving, and the high quality of its wool. Cicim are inserted-weft flatweaves, with the design adding light texture and much visual effect to the rug. Less bulky than carpets, cicim were made by the people who used them, beautiful pieces using an economy of wool. White ground cicim are particularly elegant.

Type: Cicim
Size: 5'9" x 7'8" / 175 x 233cm
Material: wool on wool
Approximate age: 60 years
Origin: Central Anatolia - Konya

Non-skid rug pad recommended. Specialty clean.

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