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NEW LISTING // Vintage Anamur Kilim / 5'9"x8'11" / 175x273cm


Rug #E427

Gorgeously perfect Anamur kilim from southeastern Anatolia's Mersin region. From Turkey's southern Mediterranean coast, Anamur is an ancient city - the contemporary name comes from its ancient Greek name. Anamur kilims are instantly recognizable for their double diamond motif and their warm cinnamon-and-spice colors. This piece has a lovely dusty sage green lifting the rich orangeish reds. Expert and charming woven detailing in the smallest motifs and in the birds, rams horns, and geometric shapes filling the space between the main motifs and the borders.

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Type: Carpet
Size: 5'9" x 8'11" / 175x273cm
Material: Wool on wool
Approximate age: 70 years
Origin: Southeastern Anatolia - Mersin - Anamur

Non-skid rug pad recommended. Specialty clean.

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