Vintage Karabakh kilim / 4'5"x8' / 135x244cm

Vintage Karabakh kilim / 4'5"x8' / 135x244cm


Beautiful floral kilim from Karabakh - a region now in Azerbaijian that has a mostly Armenian population. This red-ground kilim has a classic expression of the iconic abstract-geometric Karabakh flowers in an over-all pattern. The pink flowers with bright green leaves pop, while the black border grounds.

Excellent age, great hand. In excellent, ready-to-use condition.

Type: Handwoven kilim
Size: 4'5" x 8' / 135 x 244cm
Material: Wool on wool
Approximate age: approx 70 years
Origin: Caucasus - Azerbaijian - Karabakh

Non-skid rug pad recommended. Specialty clean.

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