Vintage Cappadocia carpet / 4'11"x7'5"/150x226cm

Vintage Cappadocia carpet / 4'11"x7'5"/150x226cm


Such a lovely piece.

So much hand and mind of the weaver in this 80 year old carpet from Cappadocia. One large central diamond in dark blue is flanked by four minor diamonds in an almost leopard-spot-animal-pelt effect in knotted wool. Soft red and dark blue with a border in pale Cappdocian yellow with chunky akrep, or scorpion, motifs. Animated by the sub-borders in zigzagging triangles in red or blue. Soft hand, good age, authentic style.

Type: Handknotted carpet
Size: 4'11" x 7'5" / 
Material: Wool on wool
Approximate age: 80 years
Origin: Central Anatolia - Cappadocia

Non-skid rug pad recommended. Specialty clean.

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