Antique Konya Nomadic Carpet / 2'7"x4'/ 80x122cm

Antique Konya Nomadic Carpet / 2'7"x4'/ 80x122cm


A lush, velvety, antique nomadic carpet from Central Anatolia’s Konya region. Rich deep red, spring green, and a medium indigo blue, with natural white, are the main colors.

Central Anatolia is a crossroads, and long has been. Seljuk-era caravanserais and mosques dot the plateaus. Konya is Rumi’s final resting place, and his tomb a pilgrimage site to this day. It is a special place.

Nomads, too, crossed the area, going up the mountains for lush summer pastures, and returning to lower altitudes for the winter. Small carpets and kilims were made for their own use - this rich, plush rug could well have been a dowry piece - from their own flock’s wool.

This perfect small size could be woven on a transportable loom, and now is a great go-anywhere size.

Thick lovely pile, warm hand.

  • 2’7” x 4’ / 80x122cm

  • Approximately 100 years old

  • In excellent, ready-to-use condition.

  • Wool on wool

  • Central Anatolia - Konya

  • Ships directly from Turkey.

Trade pricing available. Please email

Reference Rug #E607/4319

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