Mini Squares // 5 x 5cm // 2in x 2in

Hand painted Iznik-style underglaze hand painted tiles are made to order in Turkey and shipped directly. Mini squares are 5 x 5cm or 2in x 2in. Please note that tiles are produced in metric measurements. 



A classic Ottoman flower, the tulip is an Anatolian mountain wildflower. Cultivated to great success by the Ottomans in the early 18th century Tulip Period, the flower remains a symbol of the Ottoman capital, Istanbul.



A traditional motif of a mini bouquet with carnation, rose, and blue daisy sprouting from the corner. 



With the tulip, the carnation is the flower of the Ottomans and still a much-used symbol in Turkey. The tulip and the carnation are often seen together in Iznik tiles, and appear often in other Ottoman arts, like woven textiles and embroidery.

Blue Papatya_mini.JPG


Three blue daisies sprout from the corner of the tile. A simple, traditional motif with superb balance.



The chrysanthemum motif comes to Ottoman art via Chinese, Mughal, and Persian sources. It was, after all, Persian ceramic artisans that the Ottomans first brought to Iznik to develop their imperial tile manufactory.



Expert seamen, the Ottomans used nautical themes frequently in their arts. Here, a small sailing ship is buoyed along with small good luck nazar in trios.

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