Clare Louise Frost
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Clare Louise Frost


Colorful. Quirky. Elegant.

Small quantities: No seasons, no fashion.
Handmade, thoughtful, elegantly-fun clothing and accessories. Inspired by traditional clothing and their brilliant use of fabric. Intelligent, adaptable garments, a twist on the age-old and the timelessly stylish made by expert artisans. Adapt, change, make your own.


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^ CLF original blockprinted and hand-embroidered pillows and quilts and finds from Istanbul and beyond. Fill your home with pieces with life and stories. Because having a past is almost as wonderful as having a future. Make yours colorful.

v Designer-curated, dealer-approved vintage and antique carpets and kilims from Turkey and the Caucasus. We love working with interior designers (trade pricing available), and those who shop like them…


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